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Power Market Analysis for Two Proposed Transmission Lines between Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia

GTMax simulated power system operations for 2005 and 2010 for two basic scenarios. In the first, the power systems in Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia operate independently and do not trade, sell, or exchange energy or capacity with one another or with the Greek power system. In the second, power exchanges are allowed among the three utility systems across the new transmission lines. GTMax also determined the hourly power transactions, optimized the exchanges among the utilities, and determined market clearing prices in each node of the network.

Supporting Korea Power Exchange by Advising on Best Practices and Establishing Strategic Partnerships

Impacts of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the Electric Power System in the Western United States

This paper analyzed future impacts PHEVs may have on the electric power system in the western United States in 2020. Operation of the electric power system was simulated by using the GTMax model, and the results from three scenarios with PHEVs were compared to results from a baseline scenario

GTMax Client:  USA Utility - WAPA 
Western Area Power Administration

To market and deliver clean, renewable and reliable hydroelectric power, WAPA requires advanced analytics for economic evaluation of hydro-power resources, wholesale electricity markets, and grid integration issues. 

WAPA uses GTMax to model pre-schedules for marketers, simulate operations of complex cascades of reservoirs and power plants, estimate firm power sales and available hydro-power, and conduct power marketing Environmental Impact Studies.

Role of Hydro in a Regional Electricity Market in Southeast Europe

Eight Balkan countries were modeled in the USAid-sponsored study

  • Examined regional electricity market and trading via new interconnections
  • Collaborated with numerous utility experts from the region
  • Studied open and closed market scenarios
  • Analysis performed for 3 hydro-logical conditions: wet, average, and dry

​The objective function for optimization was to maximize net revenues by finding a solution that increases income while keeping expenses at a minimum.