Adica applies and transfers GTMax to worldwide clients including electric utilities, government agencies, transmission companies, research institutions, international development agencies, and consulting firms.


We help utilities maximize the value of their system assets, taking into account IPP agreements, power and energy transaction opportunities, and limitations of energy and transmission resources.

    Electric Market Analysis 

  • US utility uses GTMax to fine tune hourly resource generation patterns, spot market transactions, and energy interchanges. 

  • Philippine merchant power company uses GTMax to support energy trading decisions.


    Generation and Transmission Investment

  • PwC and MWH applied GTMax for the Southeast Europe Generation Investment Study conducted for the EU and World Bank.

  • Fichtner used GTMax in preparing the CAREC Regional Power Sector Master Plan for ADB.

GTMax - Generation and Transmission Maximization Model


Global Network of Energy Experts

Provider of Power System Software

    Regional Interconnection & Power Exchange

  • Argonne applied GTMax to analyze hourly operation of a regional electricity market for Southeast Europe and identify economic benefits of regional trading for USAID.


The Generation and Transmission Maximization (GTMax) model is distributed by the Smart Energy Institute for use in studying complex marketing and operational issues in today's restructured power systems.


GTMax simulates regional or national generation and transmission systems. The software maximizes net revenues while ensuring that market transactions and system operations are within physical and institutional limitations.