On behalf of USAID, CMG Energy subcontracted Adica to provide GTMax software licensing and training  for 15 utilities in Southeast Europe (SEE).  With input from these utilities, Argonne National Laboratory applied GTMax to analyze a proposed SEE regional electricity market (REM).

The GTMax SEE REM study identified  locational marginal prices across the regional network; economic benefits of regional trading; economic impacts on individual countries, companies and consumers; and role of hydropower in the future SEE REM. 


Upon completion of the SEE REM study, a Generation Investment Study (GIS)  for SEE was initiated under a project funded by the European Community and managed by the World Bank.

The GIS had as primary goal to assist the EC, international financial institutions and donor bodies in identifying an indicative priority list of investments in power generation and related infrastructure that is in line with objectives of the SEE REM.


The Generation Investment Study was conducted by a consortium comprising PwC, Atkins International, and MWH with the following objectives:

  • Create a long term investment plan for priority projects in electricity infrastructure, suitable for international financing.
  • Determine the optimal timing, size and location of future generating capacity in the region over a 15-year period
  • Identify priority investments in transmission interconnections between countries to help optimize power investment requirements.  


Study results were reported in a 6-volume series of publications, including the following:

Southeast Europe Generation Investment Study

for European Community and World Bank 


As specified in the project Terms of Reference:

  • The WASP model was used to develop long-term generation expansion plans.
  • The GTMax model was used to analyze hourly operation of the SEE REM to identify locational marginal prices, projected trades between regional market hubs, and economic benefits of regional trading. 

The PSS/E model was also used for transmission planning and stability analysis.

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